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What makes Primary Engage so effective?

Primary Engage is a specialist stakeholder engagement company providing expert advice and strategy in stakeholder engagement, public consultation and community issues management.

The highly experienced Primary Engage leaders are hands-on for each client program. They are passionate about creating better harmony and results for organisations and the communities in which they operate. Our team is highly experienced in dealing with the broad spectrum of stakeholders – community, industry, and government.

Our clients are involved in designing and testing program frameworks to ensure that they fit with the required culture and objectives. Activities also enhance the client’s internal understanding and capability to work with affected stakeholders over a long period of time and ensure ultimate success.

As a corporate member of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Australasia, all Primary Engage staff and contractors must adhere to the IAP2 code of ethics, must complete ongoing training and share their experience with colleagues, clients and the communities we serve.

Primary Engage provides
full delivery

As part of the Primary Group, Primary Engage has direct access to professionals who are experienced in digital, media and corporate communications, government relations, and public affairs.

Research is a key part of many engagement programs and is delivered by in-house resources or through our long-term research partners.

Primary Engage has a clear

All our program design starts at the endpoint. Our focus is directed to the target that each client is seeking to achieve. We map out the issues landscape then identify strategic options to achieve the desired outcome. Working with key client leaders, we conduct scenario analysis, risk assessment and overall benefit and return potential.

Clear tactical plans are then put into practice and resources are assigned with timelines and evaluation milestones clearly mapped.

Primary Engage facilitates
outcomes for

  • Development projects including new infrastructure projects
  • Change of use planning proposals
  • Environmental projects
  • Energy development programs
  • Stakeholder direct contact and influence across a range of activities including public and private projects

Our Experience


  • Mapping
  • Tracking
  • Measuring position and response


  • Direct consultation

    Outreach – online, call centre, door knocks, drop-in centres

  • Facilitation

    Consultation, negotiation

  • Awareness

    Ambient communication
    (Media, social media, web-hubs, d-mail and e-bulletins)

  • Participation

    in public consultations and community inquiries


  • Permission or transaction strategies
  • Issues management programs
  • Hazard and emergency management
  • Advocacy and communication planning
  • Risk management and minimisation
  • Legislation and its impact on communities and operating environments


  • Large scale congress or showcase
  • Small group programs
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • On-line interactions

Engage leaders

Annabelle Warren


“Social licence is about trust and positive actions that create support in your community.”

Organisations need operational certainty not only on a regulatory level but also on a community level to be able to go about their business. Governments have an expectation that business will manage all risks effectively and that includes listening, and responding, to community issues and concerns.

Chris Downy

Executive Director

“Primary Engage adopts a risk-based approach to community consultation and stakeholder engagement.”

Addressing community concerns early in the consultation and engagement process will ensure a successful outcome for the client’s project. Grassroots involvement – including direct communication and engagement with all stakeholders – will assist in ensuring that a project is sustainable in the long term

Chris Hall

Chief Executive Officer

“Listening and communication is vital, not once but everyday. Then you need to act on new information and ideas.”

Communicating an organisation’s objectives is important as is a targeted campaign approach. Targeted campaigns and creating unique programs are integral to Primary Engage’s approach. We assist clients in navigating and engaging with communities, business and all three levels of government.

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